history and company profile
History and company profile

The Marc Rich Group is internationally active and engaged in the management of a diversified portfolio of financial market instruments and real estate projects. Its business includes direct investments in stocks, investment funds, currencies and the construction of residential, office and shop buildings. Recently, the Marc Rich Group is engaged and active in the international art market through MR Art Trading GmbH, Zug.

In 1974, Marc Rich, together with his partners Pincus Green and Alec Hackel, founded the Marc Rich + Co AG (company limited by shares) in Zug, Switzerland, a commodity trading company which was renamed Marc Rich + Co Holding AG in 1987, while the commodity trading business continued to operate as Marc Rich + Co AG. In 1997, the Marc Rich + Co Holding AG was reorganised as a GmbH (limited partnership) which it remains to date.

In 1993/94, Marc Rich sold his interest in the Marc Rich + Co AG to the company’s senior traders. The company was renamed Glencore International after the sale. Glencore, the former Marc Rich + Co AG, also held a 53% interest in Südelektra Holding AG, which is today known as Xstrata. In 1996, Marc Rich returned to the commodity business arena by forming a smaller commodities trading group, which was sold to its management in 2003.

Marc Rich, in close partnership with Denise Rich, Libby and Pincus Green and Val and Alec Hackel, founded The Rich Foundations. The Rich Foundations are made up of The Marc Rich Foundation for Education, Culture and Welfare, The Gabrielle Rich Leukemia Research Foundation and The Swiss Foundation for the Doron Prize. For over 20 years more than $150'000'000 were allocated to approximately 4000 projects and individuals engaged in non-profit work in education, culture, social welfare and healthcare as well as in building up democracy and civil society.